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Night 商品 定価 at Birdland 1

Night at Birdland 1


Night at Birdland 1



For all intents and purposes, the style of jazz known as hard bop came of age at this February 1954 live date from the famous New York club. By adding vibrant elements of blues, funk, soul, and gospel to the technically challenging and highly cerebral bebop form, hard bop became the dominant jazz style and to this day represents what is typically referred to as mainstream jazz. The lineup here resembles the '27 Yankees of the genre: trumpeter Clifford Brown was quickly becoming the red-hot alternative to Miles Davis's cool stylings (his work on the ballad "Once in a While" is worth the price of admission alone); pianist Horace Silver's driving, urgent sound epitomized the funky hard-bop aesthetic; alto Lou Donaldson and bassist Curly Russell had already graced countless essential recordings between them. From this seed grew three of the greatest hard-bop outfits in history: Blakey's Jazz Messengers, Silver's Quintet, and the Clifford Brown-Max Roach Quintet. This short-lived ensemble might have them all licked. For a complete snapshot of the Birdland event, pick up A Night at Birdland, Volume 2, easily on par with Birdland, Volume 1 for sheer artistry. --Marc Greilsamer

Night at Birdland 1

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